Parent Schedule

Parent schedule 2023

Schedule for The Challenge Games 2023

Please note that all times are only approx times

Wednesday 26 July 2023

  • 8.30   Registration of schools or individual students at the admin tent. There will be maps and programs posted at the admin tent and also some programs and maps on hand for parents.
  • 9.00: The Pimlico State High School band will arrive
  • 15: School assemble at end of 200 metre front running track ready for March past.
  • 9.30: Pimlico State High school will play and lead the schools in the march past
  •  Lynne Derry  will give welcome to country

Welcome to the 2023 Challenge Games.  I would like to acknowledge the Wulgurukaba and Bindal traditional custodians of the land upon which we meet and the important role that these custodians play in maintaining gathering places such as these for our collective use.

  • The Vincent SS signing choir will present one song and then sign the National Anthem
  • 9.45: Lynne Derry (Chairperson for The Challenge Games will introduce Official Guests)

Official guests

  • Jenny Hill    Mayor of Townsville will open the Challenge Games
  • Jacqui Frances Executive Director Catholic Education
  • Phillip Thompson State member for Townsville
  • Matt Lyons Officer in charge of the Kirwan Police Station
  • Morgan Lund Inclusive Education Co Ordinator for State Education
  • 15: Athletic carnival to commence
  • 30:Gail Brodie Para Trials 200m
  • 30: Gail Brodie Para Trials Discus
  • 10: Gail Brodie Para Trials 100m10.15: Athletic carnival to commence
  • 1.30: Athletic carnival will finish. Schools who will not be attending the Games on Thursday will get trophies from Admin Tent.
  • Disco is on tonight at the enclosed area at the Sports Precinct from 7pm to 9pm.
  • Everyone is welcome.

Thursday 27 July 2023

  • 30: Free breakfast for everyone served at 8am cooked by Rotary Daybreak Club at field 2
  • 9.00:  Gail Brodie Para Trials 800m
  • 45: Gail Brodie Para Trials Shot Put
  • 10.00: Carnival starts
  • 10.30:   Lynne Derry will introduce the Townsville Community Learning Centre signing choir.
  • Alison Greenawood will present the inaugural Brian Greenaway trophy for excellence in volunteering
  • Doris Van Eerde who sponsors the trophies will present the trophies.
  • 00: Athletic program will continue
  • 40: Gail Brodie Para Trials Long Jump
  • 20: Gail Brodie Para Trials 400m
  • 1.30:  Ice creams will be distributed to all children
  •  Conclusion of Games
  • The Challenge Games date for 2024 are 24 and 25 July which will be our 30 year celebrations  


The Challenge Games